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Metchosin Manthers in action for the first time this season

Metchosin Manthers vs Campbell River - July 18th, 2021 @ MCG

It was a great start to the day with the glistening Metchosin Gold in its summer prime. As usual Mikey had already prepared the field patiently awaiting the departure of the up and coming MCC generations. After the lost toss decided our fate, the batting lineup starred Kevin and Viquar opening for the Manthers with a partnership of over 50 runs getting us off to a spectacular start. The innings progressed with our newer recruits taking the shine off the ball preparing it for the brilliance that was to follow. Mike began his innings with a Smith brothers’ partnership and then went on to partner with everyone else on the team for a phenomenal Not Out at 77 runs using up all his 5 lives on the field. The Manthers ended our batting innings feeling invincible with 229 runs under our belt.

A quick tea break between innings and the Manthers got out on the field with a dominating opening over from Steve. The Campbell River boys held their own with some very good shots to begin until we (and by we, I mean me) got our bowling straightened out. The first wicket fell relatively quickly with a brilliant hit-wicket leaving most of us wondering why the batsman walked off the field after a wide ball that went for a four. The next wicket fell with an amazing ball from Seth and an arresting catch by James taking out a major player. The innings saw one of the batsmen use up one of his lives with a breathtaking dropped catch by our skipper displaying exactly how not to get too cocky and commence celebrations until at least three seconds after the ball has been in your hands. The same batsman then went on to score a tremendous 99, his innings ending only because he got cocky and popped the ball to Mike with Manas bowling. The rest of the innings saw others come in and out with the not-so-Campbell-River batsman Adam Benning finishing the innings with a glorious six into the neighbouring property from which the ball never returned.

The highlight of the match however, was the impressive wicket of the Campbell River skipper Jos “Bungle” Bell taken by Kevin; the entire event caught on video (see below) by the leg umpire. While the video looks like it is in slow motion, I assure you it is in real time.

It was indeed a great game of cricket as cricket should be played with both teams thoroughly enjoying the match and the banter within and between the teams followed by the requisite festivities of drinks and a barbeque hosted by Metchosin going into the wee hours of the evening (i.e. 19:00).

It was fantastic to see a lot of people that we don’t usually get to see out on the field and some new faces as well. A great many thanks to Kevin, Viquar, Jumbo, Seth, Simon, Mike, Manas, Aiden, Steve and James for coming out and making this a memorable day of cricket and for helping out with the food for the barbeque.

A special thanks to our ever-growing fan club Tony, Wendy, Ross, George, Dierdre, Doug, Jon, Himanshu, Viquar’s partner (I apologise for forgetting her name) and his friend for coming out and showing their support. I hope to see you all out on the field again (once all the aches and pains have healed).

In conclusion, the Campbell River team were absolutely thrilled to be able to play and have invited us over to Campbell River in September.

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