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2022 Season - New Mat Installed!

Thanks to all the volunteers who worked hard over a 4 week stretch to get a new pitch laid for the 2022 season! Special thanks to our Director of Grounds - Mike Smith for pushing along the project and a special thanks local Manther - Dan Smith (aka Pudding) from Yorkshire Landscaping for the help and use of his truck to move the new mat over and bring the fresh gravel base! Next stop painting, then a pre-season intersquad on Saturday April 24th with the VDCA Division 1 season starting on April 30th.

Trainings will be resuming on Thursday nights starting at 615pm with a bbq to finish the night off. Check the website for updates.

Photos below!

Nailing down!

Prepping the new pitch!
Pudding packing down the new gravel

The lads putting in the hard yards.

Out with the old!

Hauling the new mat!

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