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Cougars Win against Oak Bay

Metchosin CC vs Oak Bay - July 31st, 2021 @ MCG

Saturday was the 7th game of the season; it was the day to bring an above .500 or below as the Cougars were sitting at 3 wins and 3 losses. Up against the bottom table Oak Bay CC, the Cougars ready to make amends for the previous 3 matches. The day approached as many do, excitement post training, with an eye on the weather forecast for a great day to be in the sun come Saturday. The past few months have seen the weather in Victoria with more heat waves and near draughts, fires and general hot days then can be remembered, and Saturday seemed to be no exception.

A late change to the lineup as Viquar broke his finger in training trying to save face to a Mikey Smith straight drive, saw Rajeev step in and the squad was ready for the big match the next day.

This was all until a late-night phone call brought the terrible news that our past teammate, competitive rival, and friend to all, Nagy Thomas had passed away that Friday. The news shook the core of not just friends and family, but the entire association and everyone who knew Nagy. Nagy was apart of the Metchosin Cougars in 2017 and played every match that season. He was a great teammate who not only helped the side on the field, but a was a great help off, a true club guy. He returned to Cowichan to ensure the survival of that club, as he said that is where his heart lies. Metchosin were sad to see him go, but happy to see the Cows continue with his help. It was a true sign of Nagy’s character, never shying away from hard work and always looking to do the right thing, even if not everyone was able to see it yet.

The Cougars, Oak Bay and umpires Tej and Arnav discussed whether or not to go forward with the match, and it was decided that Nagy would never want cricket to be missed out on so the match would go forward. A circle gathered of both team in the middle to give a moments silence before the match to remember our great teammate.

The clouds had moved in and rain looked to be nearing, even the heat waves and forecast seemed to struggle with the news that day. The Cougars would bat first, with Mikey, then Himanshu and Dukey all getting good runs and putting up a formidable 322 after 45 overs. Himanshu narrowly missing out on a well deserved 100, and Dukey hitting one of the bigger sixes seen in quite some time. The Oak Bay then struggled in the chase as the wickets began to fall, with the Oak Bay CC 167 all out after 30 overs.

Post match BBQs and beverages were had, and stories of Nagy were shared. Gone he may be but forgotten he never will. RIP Nagy Thomas.

Scorecard from the match can be found here.

Saturday August 7th will be Cragg’s cup played at Metchosin, all are welcome and there will be a commemoration for Nagy that day.

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