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Cougars Tear Apart Oak Bay

August 29, 2020 at WP

The scorecard can be found here. And Deirdre took some photos which you can see here. Unfortunately, the photographer and anyone else that showed up after 1pm, missed all 6 of Izak's wickets! A quite remarkable feat, although the opposition may have been lacking some nuances of leaves, blocks and the ability to stay around, it was still a joy to see.It was not all doom and gloom for Oak Bay though, we played a friendly 16 over match and they won with one wicket to spare.

Other highlights:

  • Rob swinging the ball a mile and dislodging stumps for fun

  • Viquar thundering the ball into the pads to get an LBW

  • Cocks takes slip catches as easy as Kevy downs a Cougar head

  • Tanzil showed the opposition that you only need to hit the ball to one area to get runs, dynamic

  • Zero catches drop (technically), great work Mikey, Rob, Cocks, Viquar and Rohan!

  • Rohan's musk

Low Lights:

  • Oak Bay's batting

  • JK's poor webbing (heal up quick JK!)

  • Chewy's ability to get out in the most unlikely of scenarios (welcome to the VDCA)

  • Not enough beverages, but thanks to Kelsey it was rectified

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